Texture Finish Coat

This section covers the standard requirements for Decorative Texture Finish Coat Application using GRANDFIX TFC made from 100% Acrylic polymer blended with high quality of fillers and aggregates which is typically spray or trowel applied depends on required texture finish.
    1.1 Surfaces should be properly cured, clean and sound, free of dust and loose particles. Cement laitance, oil, grease, or mould release agents and all form of contaminants must be removed from concrete surface by wire brushing, grinding or by other means.
    1.2 Any signs of damage on the surface such as cracks, broken edges, spalled concrete, and other defects should be noted and corrected.
    1.3 Surface imperfections, misalignments & protrusions must be leveled-off, patched & completely flushed to surround surfaces.
    1.4  Metal, tie wire on surface must be removed or treated against corrosion.
    1.5 Apply Grandpruf Acryflex – Elastic Acrylic Coating that will match color to the of Grandfix TFC – Texture Finish Coat as primer.





    2.1 Mix the Grandfix TFC for approximately 1 (one ) to 2 (two) minutes until uniform or homogeneous consistency is achieved using appropriate mixing paddle attached to slow speed electric mixing drill.
    2.2 Grandfix TFC is a ready-to-use material. Therefore, addition of water is not recommended. Apply the materials within 15 – 20 minutes depending on ambient temperature.
Apply the Grandfix TFC – Texture Finish Coat directly onto the surface by using hopper gun attached to air compressor (for machine application) or using hand trowel (for hand application) to the desired thickness. Maintain a wet edge by applying and texturing continually over the surface until an entire wall section is completely covered. Application rate is about 8 to 10 sq.m/25kg pail.